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Ordering Information:

Please contact us at with the item you would like to purchase to check for availability. The saber you see in the picture is the one you will be receiving. Every saber is already made and ready for immediate shipping. If a saber and a glow blade kit, or LED blade kit are purchased together the shipping time may be longer due to installation.

Due to the new increase in the USPS S&H, the average shipping and handling charge is now $7.00 and up in the U.S. That includes USPS Priority Mail (2-3 Days) with a tracking number. Contact us for international S&H charges.


Payment Options:

Personal check, Money Order or Cashiers checks can be made payable to:

Rob Martinelli

2530 NE Keats Dr.

Bend, Oregon 97701


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payments can use this email address:




RLSAsabers ships internationally:

"Munchkins" restaurant in Mazatlan Mexico

Email us for shipping costs. We have already shipped to, Japan, Spain, Yugoslavia (Serbia), England, Scotland, Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, New Zealand, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, UAE, Malaysia, Austria and France. Let's add you to the list!

Manufacturer Recommendations:  

All RLSA sabers are 1-of-a-kind, never to be duplicated designs. The 1-of-a-kind designs exclude production runs like the G-blanks, C-blanks, Holiday sabers, ST sabers, 2 tough sabers, minilux hybrid, minilux sabers, Mystic, Stealth and stunt blanks.

RLSAsabers are not like the lightsabers in the movies. They will not cut or burn you. They will not cut open a bank vault or a car door and are strictly for looks. All sabers are non-working unless otherwise stated. I have to state this because I get email's asking this (it's true).

RLSAsabers are not intended for simulated sword play or fencing. RLSAsabers should never be thrown or swung around people, pets, or property. These statements are for the protection of the owner. RLSAsabers accepts no liability in the misuse of it's products.

Copyright and Legal Disclaimer:  

Not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd (TM) or any Lucasfilm Ltd (TM) franchise. All designs are property of  RLSAsabers.

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