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This saber is made from 3 separate pieces which can come apart.

This saber is 12" long and features 2 knurled knobs,2 non-working LED lights

and fitted O-rings. It also has a custom brass setting screw for 3/4"

blade (not included). $85.00 + SH


To order please email me with the item you want.

Ordering Information

Payment Options:

Personal check, Money Order or

Cancellations and Restocking Charges:

If a customer cancels an order before it has been shipped, a $15.00 per item restocking fee will be assessed.

Manufacturer Recommendations:

RLSAsabers are not intended for simulated sword play or fencing. RLSAsabers should never be thrown or swung around people, pets, or property. It should not be worn during any kind of physical activity including running, jumping, or walking down stairs. These statements are for the protection of the owner. RLSAsabers accepts no liability in the misuse of it's products.

Copyright and Legal Disclaims:

Not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd (TM) or any Lucasfilm Ltd (TM) franchise. All designs are property of  RLSAsabers.